Australia: An ideal destination for Ultra HNI & HNI Migration from the last 5 years

Phoenix Business Advisory provides hassle-free and simplified business migration services for your dream PR in Australia.

Indians, over the last few years, have gradually started to migrate to Australia over countries like the USA and the U.K. One of the prime reasons behind this is the simplified visa process. Apart from this, Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels on the planet thereby increase the average life span of a human. Australia also leads in providing ample career prospects for the youth. This is because of its stable economy which is resistant to the global recession.

Australian PR is the most preferred choice among Indians due to the migration of a large number of skilled workforces from India to Australia. The Australian government provides hassle-free and time-saving PR programs through the Australian Immigration Department. The benefits of Australian PR include:

• PR without upfront investments

• World-class Education, Medicare facility for free

• Best Quality Air, Water and Lifestyle for Family

• No Financial Crisis since the last 28 Years. Reserve Bank Interest Rate 0.75%

• Worlds 2nd richest country with USD $411,060 (Approx. INR 3 Crs) as mean wealth per adult

One of the most striking facts about Australia is the fact that is accounts for the maximum number of millionaire migration on the planet. In 2018, Australia registered an inflow of 12,000 millionaires in its borders; a 3% increase. its low crime rate, growing economy, climate, and the lack of an inheritance tax like in the US prove to be the major reasons for the migration. In the last decade, total wealth held in Australia has risen by 83% compared to 20% growth in the US.

As a result, the average Australian is now significantly wealthier than the average US citizen, which was not the case 10 years ago. In addition to that, Australia’s low population density provides a lot of breathing space to its residents. It has only 7 people per square mile making it the least densely populated countries in the world. Indirectly, it means less dependence on other countries for trade and resources, less competition for land and resources within country, less waste and pollution, and allows for more wild spaces which improves quality of life for locals.

This is coupled with a large diversity of flora and fauna, 14 world heritage sites, and 500 national parks. Australia has 15 Indian language newspapers. Express- an English-Punjabi news magazine is the most popular.

At present, the Indian community is the third-largest group of migrants in Australia. More than 600,000 Indians call Australia home. The Indian population in Australia rose by 30% in less than 3 years.

India accounts for the largest number of migrants in the country since 2016. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 2019 revealed the Indian population had grown from 455,389 in 2016 to 592,000 in 2018 and accounted for 2.4% of the Australian population. The Department of Home Affairs has revealed India is the largest source of migrants to Australia. The total permanent Migration Program outcome for 2018–19 was 160,323 places, of which 33,611 places went to Indian citizens.

Mr. M. P. Singh, CEO, Phoenix Business Advisory says, “The stage-wise documentation and payment process coupled with a set of Do’s and Don’t’s for new migrants proves to be a blessing in disguise for migrants. As the demand for Australian PR is increasing every year, one must act as soon as possible. At Phoenix, we do not believe in quantity. We aim to provide personalized services to each and everyone who knocks at our doorstep. Hence, one must act quickly and not miss out on the limited seats every year.”

Mr. Gaurang Patel, one of the valued customers says, “Phoenix has delivered whatever it had promised time to time and also got my nomination in a short time of 3 months. Phoenix can be trusted 100%.”

Recounting his experience of association with Phoenix, Mr. Sameer Tirmizi says, ‘Phoenix has delivered more than what was promised. My experience in Austalia has been really nice and I got accustomed to Australia”s climate very well. Australia has a very systematic way of handling each and every work.”

Mr. Faram Dara Patel says, “Since I’ve come across Phoenix, everything has gone absolutely smooth. I’ve had an excellent experience with Phoenix and they’ve exceeded my expectations in all aspects. Australia is a great country; my family is enjoying it very much.”

Mr. Rajnikant Mistry adds, “My experience with Phoenix has been amazing. They fulfilled all their commitments. Along with that, Australia has proven to be a great country with a better standard of living.”

About Phoenix Business Advisory: Phoenix is one of the world’s leading business management consulting firms, where bold thinking, inspired people and a passion for results come together to make an extraordinary impact. PHOENIX BUSINESS ADVISORY offers business advisory solutions to entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs and other business owners, to diversify, expand or start a new business in Australia. Phoenix specialises in offering comprehensive business solutions pertaining business acquisition, joint ventures or setting up a new business from scratch.

The business advisory solutions at Phoenix ensure transformation of client’s vision of ‘business expansion to Australia’ into reality. Our forte lies in our in-house team of experts and an extensive partner network of marquee brands such as chartered accountants, financial planners, legal services, banks, real estate developers, businesses and more.

Contact Information: Email: Phone: +91 79 4892 5545, +91 99 6454 4000

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