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Helping you create a dream life for yourself and those closest to you in one of the world’s most developed countries! As the leading Australian Business migration expert. We have assisted more than 275 business owners across India in realizing their goal of moving to Australia and expanding their business in Australia. You could be the next on the list! Australia has always been a great attraction for HNI and UHNI businessmen from throughout the world. It has held the top rank for the last five years. Given such a great business-friendly environment, Indians are eager to take advantage of this opportunity of business visa Australia from India.

Phoenix Business Advisory is India’s most reputable name when it comes to business migration to Australia or to get business PR for Australia. Phoenix is spread in major top cities of India and countries like Singapore, Dubai & Australia. No wonder Phoenix Business Advisory has a count of 275+ Successful clients and many who got Australia business visa from India. Phoenix is featured in Forbes, The Times of India, Bloomberg, CNBC, Yahoo and many other reputed media houses.


Benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia

Moreover, the culture of this nation is highly diversified, since the population is a huge mix of multi-ethnic origins. So, if you are going to relocate to another country soon, you should be informed of the reasons why individuals apply for Australia Permanent Residency.

1. Safety and Security:

Australian citizens and immigrants have been reported to be extremely satisfied with the country’s rigorous safety and security standards adhered to through various laws and orders developed for legal rights, social tolerance, protection of the elderly, women, and children, and freedom of thought and expression.

2. World-Class Education:

Australia provides free or low-cost schooling to all of its citizens. Furthermore, all universities and colleges have maintained high-quality education while expanding new areas of research and development. Furthermore, they respect student’s curiosity and meet their educational requirements by giving relevant grants and scholarships to qualified students.

3. Great Business Opportunities:

Because the government provides permissive guidelines for budding entrepreneurs, one may consider developing enterprises and industries in this mineral-rich region. There are several types of work visas available that allow entrepreneurs to move to Australia through temporary visa categories (Business Innovation and Investment Subclass 188 Visa and Business Visitors visas) and residence visa categories (Business Talent visa and Business Innovation and Investment Subclass 888 Visa).




Our expertise lies in giving the right advice and step-by-step method implementation so that the customer has a thorough understanding of the visa procedure.

1. Transparency, Authenticity, and Honesty

We place a high value on trust. We provide our clients with straightforward legal advice that is in their best interests. “Honesty is our main asset, and we are happy to say NO rather than give false hopes.” Phoenix Business Advisory is a trusted business migration consultation that works with clients worldwide. We are constantly looking forward to providing our customers with transparent consultations and helping them with their dream immigration.

2. High Success Rate

As an honest agency, we cannot guarantee a 100 percent success rate, but we do give each case our entire attention in order to maximize their prospects of success. On our website, you may read customer testimonials. We have a strong referral rate from satisfied clients.

3. Experience and Knowledge

Everyone in our organization is aware of changes in immigration bills. Because of our many years of experience, we can manage any situation quickly and efficiently. This is shown by the ever-growing number of happy Clients. Each situation is different, but we take the time to get to know our clients and discover the best answer for them. We are certified specialists who are continually improving our knowledge through professional development opportunities.

In order to assist the international society, we at Phoenix Business Consulting specialize in Business migration to Australia for 188 VISA. We have carved out a position in the company by offering professional guidance and immigration support to anyone looking to relocate to Australia. Our professionals have over ten years of expertise. Allow Phoenix Business Advisory Experts to help you arrange your immigration to Australia and to get your Australia PR.



STEP 1: Initial Assessment Report (IAR) – 7 days

STEP 2: Business Plan Preparation Expression of Interest State Nomination Lodgment

STEP 3: State Nominations Approval 15 – 30 days

STEP 4: Meet Australian Government Officials Explore Business Opportunities See All Real Estate Opportunities Identifying Best School for Your Kids

STEP 5: Business Visa Approval for 5 Years within 12 to 15 Months

STEP 6: Strategic Business & Real Estate Investment within 3 Years

STEP 7: Family PR Granted After 3 Yearsof

Check Your Eligibility for Australia Business PR

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    • No. 1 millionaire migration in the world
    • No financial crisis in last 28 years
    • Free school education for your kids
    • World class free Medicare after PR
    • Fastest growing developed economy at 3.2%
    • Cleanest air, purest water in Australia
    • World’s second richest country with ₹ 3.1 cr as mean wealth per adult
    • Australia has the best weather in the world
    • No guns policy in Australia

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      I hereby consent to receive business migration related communication/ documents from Phoenix Business Advisory or its authorized representatives, overriding my NCPR registration (if any), through:

        I hereby consent to receive business migration related communication/ documents from Phoenix Business Advisory or its authorized representatives, overriding my NCPR registration (if any), through: