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Australia has become the number 1 destination for ultra-rich of the world followed by USA and Canada. Out of the 80,000 millionaires in the world who left their home country to settle down elsewhere during 2019, 12,000 chose to settle in Australia. This number is 2,000 more than the 2017 figure of 10,000 millionaires, or High-Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) as they are called, who made Australia their second home. These HNIs came with a personal wealth of 4.88 Cr or more.

Lured by Australia’s beautiful scenery, easy-going lifestyle, stable economy and high-quality of healthcare & education, HNIs choose this country as their new home. Besides being the fastest growing developed economy at 3.2%, Australia also boasts of having the cleanest air, purest water and pleasant weather throughout the year. However, there is more to Australia than all this. The country offers a huge advantage to migrating millionaires by offering permanent residency to them & their families. In addition, the business investments are to be done only after the visa approval comes through.

Phoenix Business Advisory for Australia

With Australia becoming a magnet for millionaires from all over the world, Phoenix Business Advisory has also become the world’s leading business management consulting firms, whose services are open to all the entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs and other business owners who aspire to diversify, expand or start a new business in Australia. 

In fact, after Phoenix Business Advisory CEO Mr. M.P. Singh, an Australian citizen with roots in India, appeared in a CNBC interview and the company gained traction in prominent media like Yahoo, The Times of India and Bloomberg, the number of inquiries about their services has gone up. Every day, Phoenix Business Advisory tackles an average of 500 inquiries from India regarding migration to Australia. After Coronavirus pandemic, Australia has emerged as the most preferred destination among businessmen. 

Phoenix Business Advisory also specializes in offering comprehensive business solutions pertaining to business acquisition, joint ventures or setting up a business from scratch. The firm enjoys the trust of its clients because its services are specific to Australia business migration and they are the experts of their field. 

The CEO Speaks

CEO Mr. M.P. Singh says, “Australia is the best for Indian businessmen to expand their business and call it their second home. Australia has been a beacon of big fortunes for millionaires around the world because of its robust economy and business policies. This is why it’s ranked 5th in the world for global entrepreneurship. 4 cities of Australia are ranked in the top 10 cities for quality of living and global index. In fact, more than 600,000 Indians already call Australia their home.” 

He further adds, “This makes Australia an ideal place for any Indian to settle down and carry on a safe business enterprise.” In support of his statement, the 12th richest man in Australia, Vivek Chaand Sehgal, also happens to be an Indian. 

Why Phoenix?

We are experts in changing the lives of business owners through our business advisory solutions at Phoenix. These solutions would ensure transformation of client’s vision of ‘business expansion to Australia’ into reality. Our forte lies in our in-house team of experts and an extensive partner network of marquee brands such as chartered accountants, financial planners, legal services, banks, real estate developers, businesses and more. Some of the highlights of our services are:

1. Comprehensive approach with multi-sectoral planning, resources & operations
2. Dynamic & Flexible resource solutions for phase-wise intake
3. Established Partner Networks help in building a highly helpful resource pool
4. Assurance of full compliance with statutory and regulatory norms
5. A one-stop solution provider with years of knowledge & experience
6. High value insights & cost-effective services to complement business knowledge with operational support
7. Going the extra mile to mobilize add-ons & commercial priorities for clients
8. Proclivity towards idea expansion & other services

Our Worth

Our 100% success rate speaks for itself! Ours is one of the fastest-growing companies in India with successful consultations with 1000 business across India and Dubai under our belt. We also enjoy the patronage of more than 100 clients. The main features of our services are –

1. ONLY HNI & UHNI Businessmen clients & Holds maximum amount of market share in India for Business Migration to Australia
2. Register & regulated with Australian Government Bodies (MARN & MIA)
3. All applicants are pre-screened & verified as per the law
4. 100% Transparency
5. Global Headquarters in Sydney and India Head office in Ahmedabad
6. News offices coming up in Dubai, Surat, Ludhiana, Chandigarh & Delhi by July 2021
7. Only company India that provides post visa services of Business & Real Estate Advisory along with immigration compliance

So if you have a pressing need for business advisory services and need someone to handhold you through the entire process of business diversification, formation or migration, choose Phoenix Business Advisory.

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