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Currently, a large section of the Indian population is the third-largest group of migrants in Australia. In the last few years, Indians have preferred Australia over countries like the U.K and the USA mainly due to its simplified visa process. Another reason contributing to the fact is the low-pollution level in Australia that adds a few years to the average life span of a human being. With providing ample career prospects to the youth, Australia has become the home for 600,000 Indians. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has revealed that the Australian population will witness exponential growth of the Indian Community in the near future.

The Australian PR is the most favoured choice among the Indians due to the migration of a large number of adept personnel from India to Australia. In this context, Phoenix Business Advisory has intervened the arena by rendering hassle-free business migration services to pursue one’s dream PR in Australia.

As per the CEO of the Firm, Mr M.P Singh, “We are determined to provide stage-wise documentation and payment process paired with Dos and Don’ts that has been proven as a blessing in disguise for the aspiring migrants. Rather than focusing on the quantity of the migrants, we have ensured to provide personalized services to each person who seeks our assistance.”

PHOENIX BUSINESS ADVISORY offers business advisory solutions to entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs and other business owners to diversify, expand or start a new business in Australia. Phoenix specializes in offering comprehensive business solutions pertaining to business acquisition, joint ventures or setting up a new business from scratch. The business advisory solutions at Phoenix ensure the transformation of the client’s vision of ‘business expansion to Australia’ into reality. Their forte lies in our in-house team of experts and an extensive partner network of marquee brands such as chartered accountants, financial planners, legal services, banks, real estate developers, businesses and many more.

One of the most valued clients of the Organization, Mr Gaurang Patel says, “Phoenix has been capable of delivering whatever it had promised me with. My nomination was made possible within the short time of 3 months. I will suggest the services rendered by them to each person in the know as they are 100% reliable advisory firm.”

Many other clients like Mr Gaurang have been benefitted by the exclusive services provided by the Company and are satisfied by considering Phoenix’s Business Consulting services.


Phoenix started in 2016 in Sydney as Business and Real Estate Advisory. But due to the high demand of Enquiries from India asking about the possibility of getting Family Business PR in Australia through Business and Real Estate Investments, the Key Official decided to establish its first office at Ahmedabad in May 2018. The first Investment and Migration seminar took place on 28-29 Sep 2018; along with the Government of Queensland and since then, the Company is scaling heights in continuity.

The adept team closely researches on the latest market trends and develop a strategy to benefit the customers at any cost. They imply a strict policy of not disappointing the clients and to ensure this the Management of the Company willingly attempts all the measures even if such measures are long-hauling ones.


Market research for business acquisition is the most important aspect of the business module that had been proposed by a company. Recognizing the need for Research and Development in the growth of the Company, the CEO says, “If we don’t research into what we are about to perform and receive in return, then the chances of failures are very high.”

Correct R&D strategy followed by evolution according to the market trends bestows a company with immense advantage of capturing a bigger market share.


Nothing in the world comes easy. As we all know the saying, it takes very long-struggling years to become an overnight success. My struggle was to combat the lack of knowledge in the business world. Colleges and Universities have performed a fantastic job in teaching but this is aimed at the theory only that prevents us from acquiring practical knowledge. However, in today’s world that makes life very challenging one must expand their intellectual horizons as much as possible.

“What one learns in a University will not be of much help in the business world. One can take an insight from an example into what I want to convey -I did my masters in 2007 and back then, Facebook marketing was probably 2% of what it is today and other digital social media platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Shopify, Snapchat didn’t even exist. Evolving in business is a must or the market space will consume you no matter how much excellence you hold in the theoretical world.” says the CEO.

“If you easily satisfy yourself with little achievements then you should not be in the business world, as it leads to disaster. I believe the hunger of growing and evolving to make your start-up better can help excel in the growth prospects.”

Conveys M.P Singh to the budding entrepreneurs.

The Management of the Firm has ensured to invest heavily in new technology followed by the training modules. It keeps a close eye on the day to day trends of technological advancements that can help enhance the working standards of the Firm and evolve the efficiency level for its betterment.

The Government of India has supported this start-up by far. Any government in the world favours budding businesses with the aspiration of their growth as the business creates a lot of employment and taxes. The business migration program generates a good amount of revenue and jobs for locals.


Phoenix commenced its First Branch in May 2018 at Ahmedabad with 3 staff members only and by February 2020, it expanded its horizons by establishing 4 offices with more than 30 employees.

By the end of July 2021, they have expected to inaugurate their branch operations in Surat, Dubai, Delhi, Ludhiana, and Hyderabad as per the demand of the clients.

And by the end of 2024, the Company aspires to expand its presence around the globe with the expectations of the asset management holders to be between 1.5-2.5 billion USD.

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