Phoenix Business Advisory to invest 70 crores for the corporate regional offices in India & across the world

Phoenix Business Advisory is a consultancy firm and pioneer in providing business migration services to Australia. Phoenix only deals with One Country One VISA that’s only for Australia. Moreover, Australia is ranked no.1 millionaire migration destination and Phoenix Business Advisory is the most trusted name in HNI and UHNI Business Migration to Australia according to Forbes and various other media platforms. Phoenix Business Advisory – Revolution in business migration

Phoenix Business Advisory has launched a highly lucrative channel partner program to integrate about 250 channel partners into this program. Phoenix Business Advisory has offices In Sydney (Australia), Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India), Surat (Gujarat, India) and Delhi respectively. The firm further expands to opening offices in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Dubai and Melbourne to support its B2B Corporate Channel Programs.

Mr. M. P. Singh, CEO – Phoenix Business Advisory, says, “Phoenix is having a very strong support system in Australia and has launched a Corporate Channel Partner Program to offer a platform to budding entrepreneurs and other business owners for creating business and growth opportunities for all the members”. Mr. Singh adds, “Australia is the best country for Indian businessmen to expand their business and call it their second home. After the Coronavirus pandemic, Australia has emerged as the most preferred destination among HNI businessmen and the 12th richest man in Australia also happens to be an Indian. Also, Australia is yet to discover many more real Indian businessmen.” Phoenix business Advisory is the fastest-growing company in Business Migration to Australia. In fact, CEO Mr. M.P. Singh, an Australian citizen with roots in India, appeared in a CNBC interview and the company gained traction in prominent media like Yahoo, The Times of India and Bloomberg, the number of inquiries about their services has gone up. Every day, Phoenix Business Advisory tackles an average of 500 inquiries from India regarding migration to Australia. Phoenix Business Advisory is the most renowned and trustworthy consultancy firm as clients are benefitted with all the security and services post-migration.

Benefits of Phoenix Corporate Channel Partnership Program

Potential to earn Rs.3 crores every year.

No Investment required*

International Travel Opportunity

Performance-Based Reward Model

Only HNI & UHNI Clients

Excellent Future Growth

Very Low Competition About Australia

Fascinated by Australia’s delightful landscape, easy-going lifestyle, stable economy and high-quality of healthcare and education, HNIs pick this nation as their second home. Other than being the fastest-growing developed economy at 3.2%, Australia likewise boasts of having the cleanest air, purest water and charming climate consistently. Notwithstanding, there is a whole other world to Australia than this. The nation offers a colossal bit of flexibility to relocating moguls by offering permanent residency to them & their families. Moreover, business acquisitions are to be done simply after the visa approval comes through. 7 reasons why millionaires move to Australia

Business PR without upfront investment. PR FIRST INVESTMENT AFTER!

Australia has the most suitable climate ranging from min. 7°C to 25°C average throughout the year.

Australia is the No.1 Millionaire Destination in the world

Australia offers World-class FREE Education and Healthcare services after PR

Australia is known for its Cleanest Air quality and Purest water in the world

Australia is the world’s 2nd richest country as Mean Wealth Per Adult

0.25 % Reserve Bank Interest Rate for better business growth.

Phoenix Business Advisory has already closed more than 25 B2B partners and wants to partner with the most progressive minds in the field of business and experience a quickly developing future with them. Growth opportunities await you at Phoenix Business Advisory.

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