Why Indians Choose Australia Over Any Other Country?

Australia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world having a population density of just 3 people per square kilometre according to World Population Review.

More and more people are migrating to Australia to experience diverse and highly-developed environment. Australia becomes a favorite destination for migrants from all around the world including India, China, Philippines, England, New Zealand, Vietnam, and so on.

You would be surprised to know that in 2017-18, India was the largest source of new permanent migrants to Australia.

Indians become the fastest-growing community in Australia, making it 2.8% of the total Australian population.

Why Indians Choose Australia? Why Australia Is Preferred Destination For Indians?

Majority of the Indians in Australia chosen to live in Victoria and New South Wales according to 2016 Census data. These two Australian states recorded highest Indians than any other state in Australia.

According to Wikipedia, one study has found that Indigenous Australians may have mixed with India-origin people about 4,200 years ago.

From Indian students to businessmen to professionals, Indian migration to Australia is higher than Indian migration to the other countries of the world including USA, UK, etc.

These are some of the reasons why Indian migrants choose Australia:

  • It is easy for Indians to get permanent Australian residency through skilled migration visas, partner visas, and employment
  • Students prefer Australia to pursue higher studies and to experience the diverse culture
  • A supportive culture and environment for doing business with the support from the government
  • Australia is famous for its diversity and multi-cultural heritage
  • Thanks to a huge number of Indians arriving in Australia, you can find almost all types of Indian food
  • Indians of Australia maintain religious and cultural sparks through festival celebration and a range of events
  • English is the most common language spoken by Indians in Australia followed by Hindi
  • Australian climate, culture, and standard of living are suitable to Indians who have picked Australia for study, employment, or business
  • Out of every three students in Australian Universities, one is international student particularly from India
  • It is the most favorable country for Indian student for higher studies and better career options

The India-born population in Australia is significantly contributing to Australia’s economy and considered as the highest educated migrant group. Also, the rise of digital transformation opened numerous opportunities for IT professionals in

The stable and growing economy of Australia encourages many people to undertake many endeavors and Indians are not left behind. Businessmen from all over the world choose Australia to establish business and leverage consistent benefits the economy has to offer.

In 2018, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that there were 592,000 Indian-origin people in Australia. This figure will continue to grow in upcoming time following a balanced economy and diverse culture that are suitable to every Indian class.

Whether you are a student, employee, or a businessman, Australia is a desirable choice to migrate there and live a balanced, growing and healthy life.

We are explorers, aren’t we?

Are you thinking to migrate to Australia? What are the perks that attract you to select Australia as your destination?

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